About US


More then just an esports organisation

Bulldog was founded in 2014 around three core values: personal development, competition and integrity. To this day, these three values are the foundation of everything we do at Bulldog. They have helped us grow Bulldog from an idea to one of the better-known organisations in the UK.


Personal development

We pride ourselves on the level of support and our ability to help develop our members. We have past Bulldog players and staff now operating at the highest levels of professional esports.



During our journey, we have been lucky enough to win LAN events in Gears of War, CSGO and Call of Duty. We have also won many online tournaments.



Being open and honest with our members and the community has put Bulldog in a privileged position as a trusted organisation in the UK scene.


Antony Newton

Sometimes referred to as the grandad of the UK Call of Duty scene Bulldog Newts has been around for a while now and is a regularly seen at gaming events. His love of the community and his willingness to help others has made him a popular person in the scene.